FROM THE WEB: The Emergence Of Chatbots And What The Future Holds


A recent article by Venture Beat explores the growth of chatbots and predicts where this emerging tech might be headed.

The article looks at numerous chatbots that have cropped up recently, including’s, which essentially replaces the time-consuming sign-up process on the site.

Venture Beat also explains the findings of Facebook’s “More Thank A Message” study, that found a huge 56% of people would rather message a company than call a help line.

The article also looks at what bots could mean for live chats, saying that while person-to-person conversations are a great idea, in reality chatbots provide a much more economical solution to online conversations with businesses.

Venture Beat said: “Of course, it’s impossible to predict the future. However, when you’re in business, getting ahead on emerging trends and technologies can bring enormous advantages.

“One man who spectacularly predicted the future was Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook. His company’s $19 billion WhatsApp acquisition in 2014 should tell you all you need to know about the future of messaging.”

It was recently announced that matchmaking chatbot Foxsy was crowned winner of the social category at the 2016 ChatBottle awards – read more about the awards here.

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