Rolling Stone Article Delves Into ‘Online Dating’s Sex Bot Con Job’


A new Rolling Stone article goes long on the subject of online dating fraud, focusing on the deceitful practices still employed by many dodgy dating sites.

Writer David Kushner uses the leaked information about Ashley Madison and their use of lovebots, or Ashley Angels as the Canadian company calls them, that were allegedly used to trick free users into purchasing premium subscriptions.

Bots are a fact of life on the internet, with tech analyst firm Are You a Human believing that a massive 59% of all internet traffic comes from bots.

However as Kushner says, what’s so surprising about bots and the dating industry is the “durability of this online hustle, and the millions of saps [that are] still falling for it.”

The article delves into the subject of what he calls the industry’s “dirtiest secret”, and is even granted a rare interview with Andrew Conru, the founder and owner of Adult Friend Finder, who wants to “blow the whistle on the widespread use of sexbots in the business.”

Read the excellent article here.