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5 Ways COVID-19 Will Change the Dating World

The following blog post was written by the team at Spectrum Labs.

The COVID-19 outbreak has turned the world upside down. As governments around the world allow their countries to open up again, there will be a new set of rules and expectations we will all have to adapt to. As we reenter society, we will be confronted with continued social distancing measures, temperature taking, as well as being unable to bring certain items with us into stores, work, and schools. These new expectations will undoubtedly change the way we live and interact in our day-to-day lives, just as they will shift the dynamics of the dating world. Check out the top five ways the dating world will change post lockdown. 

Verifying That Both Parties are COVID-19 Free 

First things first, in the post-isolation world, both parties will have to verify that they are COVID-19 free before meeting up for a date. In the new dating world, the question, “Have you been tested recently?”, will be asked regarding Coronavirus. Dating apps are still being heavily used, and dating is not going away because of the COVID-19 outbreak. However, the dating scene will be forced to shift to meet ongoing social distancing measures.

Temperature Taking Before the Date Begins 

As the United States transitions out of the shelter-in-place scenarios, there will be significant shifts in society. One very likely change will be the requirement of temperature taking before entering work, school, stores, or restaurants. Many countries around the world who have already reopened are implementing this strategy. Post lockdown in countries like Taiwan and Italy are just two examples of where temperature taking before entering an establishment has become the new normal. This means that if you want to take your date out for dinner and a show, you’re going to have to jump through some hoops. In the same respect, if either of you does end up running a fever, game over. 

Increase In Outdoor Dates

Because of the thorough screenings that will likely be put into place in our post lockdown world, outdoor dates will likely become a popular date idea. Outdoor dates will allow couples to get to know each other without as many enforced restrictions. However, outdoor dates or walks in the park have the potential to make dating less safe. When meeting new people for dates in isolated outdoor environments or parks, it may lead to more assaults. If you’re planning an outdoor date in this new COVID-19 world, you must take precautionary measures to ensure your safety. Let friends or family know where you are and who you’re with. You might even consider bringing a friend along, ensuring that someone you know and trust is nearby. Our partner, UrSafe, offers the most advanced personal safety app out there.

Embracing Slow Love 

While there are some potential dangers of post-isolation dating, there are some potential benefits as well. One advantage is that COVID-19 has forced the world to slow down and embrace a reset period. The challenges that will come up as you try to meet new people and hang-out in person will make your budding relationship form at a slower pace. While Coronavirus has created a lot of negativity and led to some unfortunate circumstances, it may end up changing the dating game for the better. Couples have to take things slow in this new environment to protect their health and the health of others. Video chat is being utilized heavily when it comes to dating, and couples are having to embrace the concept of slow love.    

Building Stronger Foundations 

As couples are embracing slow love during this time, they are also building a stronger foundation for their relationships. Having to embrace prolonged conversations before things become physical, allows couples to get to know each other on an emotional level. This new process could let couples see if they’re a good match, before progressing very far into a romantic relationship. Ultimately, this leads to relationships being built on stronger and healthier foundations.

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