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WLD’s May Bonus Scheme! Earn an EXTRA £10 for each and every new subscriber in May!

We’re giving our partners the opportunity to earn an EXTRA £10 for each incremental new subscriber their sites achieve in May. That’s right – our partners will receive an extra £10 for each and every incremental upgrade, on top of their revenue share!

About the scheme

After a record-breaking Easter weekend and subsequent impressive, sustained performance across the WLD platform throughout April, we wanted to find a way to celebrate. And what better way than to offer our partners the opportunity to earn an extra £10 for each and every new subscriber their sites achieve in May, versus April.

To receive a very generous bonus payout for their May performance, all our partners need to do is grow their new subscriber count (initial count) in May, versus April. There is no minimum growth requirement and the bonus partners can achieve is uncapped!

This scheme means partners will not only earn their revenue share for each new subscriber – we’re giving an additional £10 for each one of them on top, for free!

What this scheme means for our partners

As a result of on-going price point and upgrade process testing and optimisation, partners are already seeing an incredible +25% increase in revenue per registration across their portfolios.

On top of this, an additional £10 for each upgrade – for no additional cost to them – gives partners an amazing opportunity to profitably increase their spend to grow the number of paying subscribers they have within their portfolios. 

This means partners not only have the chance to make considerably more money this month, but also in months – even years – to come, as our successful subscription based billing model boosts profits further by capturing recurring revenues.


April New Subscriber (Initial) Count = 900

May New Subscriber (Initial) Count = 1100

Incremental New Subscribers: 200 (1100 – 900)

Bonus: £2000 (200 x £10) 

How to apply

If you would like to join this scheme and earn a free £10 bonus for each and every incremental new subscriber, please visit

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