Durex Reveals The Future Of Sex Tech In Viral Video


A few weeks ago, we reported that Durex was teaming up with a dating CEO to launch a revolutionary piece of tech to help couples in the bedroom.

Durex enlisted the help of Susie Lee, entrepreneur and CEO of Siren Mobile, to lead their first step into the digital marketplace, with Durexlabs.

Lee said their first launch would be a piece of technology designed to “help users achieve an orgasm”.

The condom company called for people around the world to be beta testers for it, and have showcased the product, and the couples’ reactions, in the viral video below: 

That’s right, after weeks of build up and thousands of couples around the world signing up to test the product, the revolutionary piece of tech is the off button, and the clever viral video has already been viewed by over 30m people.

It was part of a campaign by Durex to help people realise how tech gets in the way of their sex life.

Ukonwa Ojo, Head of Global Brand Equity at Durex said: “With technology playing such a pivotal role in our personal lives and relationships, we set out to explore how it could be utilized in a positive way to enhance our sex lives, but in doing so we discovered the most effective answer was the simplest.

“After consulting countless experts, academic research and endless qualitative interviews, the solution turned out to be a simple one — we should disconnect to reconnect.

For the last part of this clever marketing campaign, they are celebrating Earth Hour by releasing an app called Durex Connect.

The app syncs your and your partner’s smartphone, and at an arranged time puts them both to sleep.

Susie Lee, the CEO of Siren Mobile said: “Of course, technology can never really replace human interaction. True chemistry comes from intimacy. So while we need technology — it has enhanced our lives, enabling us to reconnect with old friends, reach wider social groups and meet new people — we need to recognize the times and places that social networking doesn’t enrich our experience.

Download Connect here.