Tinder for Windows On Its Way


Following the removal of an unofficial version of Tinder from the Windows Store, it has been revealed that Windows are working with Tinder to develop an official version of the app.

Tinder will be working on this app with Rudy Hyn, the developer who was responsible for the unofficial 6tindr app, which Tinder pulled from the Windows Store.

Hyn, who also released unofficial Windows versions of Instagram, Snapchat and Vine, posted a message to Tinder after his version was removed from the store:

“I request that you please allow me the pleasure of helping you grow the popularity of Tinder within the Windows Phone community.

“I feel that together we can do great things for Windows Phone users, and I’d love to assist in any way possible to help bring an official Tinder app to Windows Phone.”

And this request seems to have been listened to, with Hyn confirming on Twitter that he would be working on the Windows version of the app, saying: “Just got a call from @seanrad and the awesome #tinder team, I thing [sic] I will swipe right with them.”

No mention has been made as to when this version might be released.

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