Flirt In Game, Try In Dating App, with Flirt Planet

Flirt Planet

App developer Truly Social has launched two apps, which let you first practise your flirting skills in a game, then put them to the test in their dating app.

Flirt Planet Play is the gaming part of “the world’s first dating ecosystem” and was developed by neuroscientists, game developers and dating experts to help improve flirting skills for real life situations. 


The conversation exchanges were created by Truly Social’s team to help users when they move to the dating app and go on dates.

This is Flirt Planet Meet, which helps users locate like-minded people to become friends with or to date. 

Users take a simple personality test and a personal profile – known as Matching Sauce – is built and users are matched on compatibility.


Truly Social’s founder and creative director, Sebastian Coman, said: “The real beauty of our new dating system is that our apps work in harmony — getting to know the love of your life on Flirt Planet Meet and then before interacting in person, practising the art of seduction in Flirt Planet Play, to build up your confidence and sweep them off your feet!”

Truly Social recently announced a deal with PR firm Bottle and have been doing promotional videos with Made in Chelsea characters Francis and Binky.

Flirt Planet Meet is available on iOS here and visit their site here.