Scruff Advertise Outside Super Bowl With Huge Billboards



Gay dating app Scruff advertised with two huge billboards outside the Super Bowl stadium last night.

Scruff spent $3,500 on the billboards, one of which was beside the road on the way to the University of Phoenix Stadium, the other in the stadium parking area.

The two 48 by 14 foot billboards both feature men in Scruff t-shirts glancing at each other in a locker room, alongside the caption “Play On Our Team”.

Around half a million fans are expected to see the billboards, that are part of a new campaign by the dating app – which has over 7m users.

The founder of Scruff, Johnny Skandros, said the ad was also with respect to “trailblazing” openly gay sports stars, saying:

“While the oversized cultural statement is obviously an attempt to attract more members, it’s also a nod to brave athletes like Michael Sam and Kwame Harris, begging the question: What does ‘gay’ look like?”

A spokesperson for the app said the billboards have pushed a 20% increase in new profiles in the Phoenix area.