Hinge Introduce Timed Matches To Help Users Connect Offline


Friend-of-a-friend dating app Hinge has made yet another alteration to its app, and is putting a time limit on its user’s matches.

As of today, Hinge users will have just 24 hours to start a conversation with a match generated by the app.

If both users fail to start a conversation within the first day of matching, the match will then automatically expire.

Once a conversation has started, you’ll have 14 days to take the conversation offline before that match expires.

It is likely that this change has been made in an effort to get more pairs who match on the app to meet up in-person, as opposed to aimlessly messaging via the app itself.

Hinge is also confident that the new time limit on conversations will help to generate more conversations – according to the app, timed matches are “50% more likely to have conversations and exchange digits”.


However if a match does expire before a user has the chance to start a conversation, all is not lost.

Expired matches will reappear in the queue of potential matches, meaning that the two users have another chance of matching in the future.

Any matches made before today will stay on the app for a further 14 days regardless of whether or not the pair have messaged.

Earlier this year, the app launched a new profile section, where users can list what their intentions are on the app.

Singles are now asked to disclose whether they are looking for a relationship, date, or casual hookup.

Find out more about the ‘Intentions’ section here.