Buzzfeed Push Brand Partnerships, Data Shows Power Of Shareable Social Content


Although not directly related to online dating, this breakdown of how Buzzfeed has captured and owned the media landscape amongst millennials in the past few years is pretty fascinating.

Their targeting of younger demographics through socially-shared content and tailoring it for mobile consumption is central to their fantastic success.

And for brands trying to capture these demographics, it also shows the potential benefits of investing in shareable content that can drive traffic back to their site.

The numbers in Buzzfeed’s breakdown backs this up – 71% of millennials visit social sites every day, and 60% of this time spent on social is through a mobile device.

One rather incredible graph shows Buzzfeed’s video reach amongst millennials, when compared to the biggest US TV networks.


There are many dating brands that could benefit from harnessing social media, and shareable content, in much cleverer ways to drive new users to their product and increase brand awareness.

The data is all part of Buzzfeed’s recent advertising push, as they try to sign up partners – whether for single sponsored posts, brand sections on their site, or partnerships like the one they just made with Chinese messaging app WeChat.

Check out the data breakdown here, and find out more about Buzzfeed’s advertising content here.

Simon Edmunds

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