London Events Company Bridge Offline And Mobile


A London-based dating events organiser has come up with a novel way of bridging the offline world with the ease of mobile dating.

In what they say is the “first of its kind in the dating events industry”, Original Dating has launched Mixeo – a mobile app that acts as a companion to their events.

This is how it works – attendees to their singles nights meet and mingle like any other dating event.

However profiles of all the attendees are on the Mixeo app – viewable by entering a specific code for each event.

Users can then browse through profiles of the people they met on the night.

For each profile, they can choose “yes”, “no”, or “friend”.

Once you are matched with someone, you can chat in-app and arrange a further date.

The results of these decisions are only revealed the next day, making the event “rejection free”.


The founder of Original Dating, Andrew Summersgill, said:

“Meeting people face to face was always faster, more fun and more successful fun than online dating. 

“Now that our events are powered by Mixeo our clients can use technology to break down barriers associated with dating events. Our events are rejection free everyone is more willing to mingle and speak to people.”

The Mixeo app can also be used to break the ice at the events.

Every time a user meets someone new, they log it into the app, and have the chance to win a free drink or other sponsored prizes, and “the more people mingle, the higher their chance of winning prizes.”

Summersgill, who created the company in 2003, said that “the lure of free drinks works as a surprisingly effective icebreaker”.

Original Dating are currently running speed dating events using the Mixeo app, but will also use the app for Mixeo Socials, and large scale parties and themed events.

They run six events a week across London, and have plans to expand nationwide by the end of the year.

Visit the Original Dating site here, and check out Mixeo on Android and iOS.