SaucyDates Share Scammer Insights

saucydatesDating site have shared some insight into the scammers who attempt to access their system.

The dating site is owned by Platform Dating, which also has brands including, and

The team said that over 75% of their server’s CPU is used for anti-scammer processing, which checks a user’s sign up information and messages against known scammer traits and IP addresses.

And SaucyDates has also taken a step towards user awareness, by putting the feedback of their scammer tool, Scametrics, on all member profiles pages, so people can judge whether to trust that user.

Platform Dating offers a free service funded by ads, and the portfolio of dating brands is approaching 1m users.

Some interesting titbits from their scammer analysis include that the most common username number is 007, the most popular operating system for scammers has changed from Blackberry to Windows 7 and Firefox.

Check out the infographic below: