Google Cuts Minimum Price Of Apps In 11 Countries

Google Play

Google has just cut the minimum price of apps in a number of countries around the world.

The Google Play store is available in 190 countries, and in an effort to push growth in selected markets, Google has decided to adapt pricing options for certain countries.

In 11 countries, including Brazil, Mexico, South Africa and Russia, the minimum price of premium titles and in-app products has been lowered.

This move by Google comes after a successful pilot in India earlier this year.

The full list of affected markets, and the new minimums, are listed below:

Brazil: R$ 0.99 (was R$2.00)
Chile: CLP $200.00 (was CLP $500.00)
Colombia: COP$ 800.00 (was COP$ 2000.00)
Hungary: Ft 125.00 (was Ft 225.00)
Indonesia: Rp 3,000.00 (was Rp 12,000.00)
Malaysia: RM 1.00 (was RM 3.50)
Mexico: MXN$ 5.00 (was MXN$ 9.90)
Peru: S/. 0.99 (was S/. 3.00)
Philippines: ₱15.00 (was ₱43.00)
Poland: zł1.79 (was zł2.99)
Russia: руб 15.00 (was руб 30.00)
Saudi Arabia:ï·¼ 0.99 (was 4.00ï·¼)
South Africa: R3.99 (was R10.00)
Thailand: ฿10.00 (was ฿32.00)
Turkey: ₺0.59 (was ₺2.00)
Ukraine: â‚´5.00 (was â‚´8.00)
Vietnam: â‚«6,000 (was â‚«21,000.00)

You can lower the price of apps now by visiting the Google Play Developer Console and clicking on “Pricing & Distribution” or “In-app Products”.