McDonald’s Promote Competition With Tinder Ad Campaign

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McDonald’s has become the latest company to use dating app Tinder for a marketing campaign.

The fast food chain has created a profile on the dating app, identifying itself as McDonald’s, aged 24, and setting its profile location to Sydney, Australia.

The restaurant accompanies its profile information with profile pictures of a “Lonesome Pineapple” and a “Spicy Jalapeno”.

It is thought that the profile was created to advertise a competition currently being run by McDonald’s, giving people the chance to win 100,000 prizes, including a luxury holiday to Thailand.

The profile was uncovered by journalist Andrew Brown, who later tweeted about his discovery:

McDonald’s use funny profile bios to get other Tinder users to swipe right.

For example, one reads: “Desperately seeking chipotle to share lettuce bed.”

The fast food giant is the latest company to use Tinder as part of a social media marketing campaign.

Fashion brand Calvin Klein recently announced its sexting-inspired Tinder advertisements for its Fall 2015 #mycalvins campaign.

Developer Bethesda is currently promoting its mobile game Fallout Shelter in a similar fashion to McDonald’s, creating Tinder profiles for characters that feature on the game.

Watch the Calvin Klein ads here.