Ashley Madison Shut Irish Office, Say Country Too Religious to Find Willing Staff

Ashley Madison has closed down its office in Ireland, because they can’t tempt anyone to work at the company.

The worldwide cheating site has filed for the office to be closed, with CEO Noel Biderman blaming the country’s entrenched religious values as the reason.

He told the Sunday Business Post:

“I’m running an infidelity website and culturally in Ireland that’s a bit of a problem.

“It was my naivety. I remember the first law firm I approached [who turned down the business on moral grounds]. I said but you’re lawyers. You defend criminals. I didn’t realise the religious vein ran so deep.”

When they launched in Ireland two years ago, Ashley Madison said 113 people were joining the site every day, something he put down to the country’s “religious overtones”.

However while signup numbers in the country are apparently good – Biderman claiming over 125,000 Irish users – he did not anticipate finding willing staff as being a problem.

Speaking to the Irish Mirror, Biderman said:

“Candidates who came to the company were not of the necessary calibre, and those who were would not come to interview.

“Maybe they ran it past their partners in bed that night and said I’m going to apply for a job at Ashley Madison and their partner asked, ‘Wait, how did you find that site?”