Three Part Web Series ‘The Grass is Always Grindr’ Launches


A short web series focused on the mental health impact of gay dating apps has released its first episode.

‘The Grass is Always Grindr’ follows main character Joe as he uses an app for a hookup after a breakup.

The first scene sees him edit messages to a Grindr user, trying to promote himself rather than be honest about his emotional state.

“I think we’ve all been there, haven’t we?”, says writer Patrick Cash, “Writing something that you think is too honest or sad, and then re-editing to what you think is more sexually attractive.

“And in the case of Joe, all the stuff that he’s really feeling – he’s feeling lonely, he’d like some company – he can’t bring himself to express because he assumes the other guy won’t be interested in such a loser.

“So instead he edits it all to sex talk. It’s funny, I hope, but also there’s a bit of pathos as I think it mirrors some of our interactions in real life.”

The series has been produced by 56 Dean Street, a sexual health and HIV clinic in London’s Soho district.

Self esteem, body image and STDs are among the topics covered in episode one.

Last week, GDI covered gay psychiatrist Jack Turban’s concerns about Grindr and mental health.

Find The Grass is Always Grindr here.

Scott Harvey

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