3 Simple Tips For Swiping Smarter On Dating Apps!

Online dating is, of course, huge. Thousands of people are scrolling and looking for love on endless amounts of apps including Tinder, Bumble, Happn, The League, Match, Hinge and many more.

However, online dating’s main problem today is that not enough matches are being made on these apps. It has become apparent that after a date, people have the same attitude of not giving that second date a try.

Why does this keep happening? Are there too many people single? Is too much choice meaning that there are so many people unlucky with love on the dating apps?

With the emergence of apps, we’ve become more voracious daters but we’ve simultaneously adopted habits that are counterproductive for relationships. We seem to be too picky and expect everyone to be perfect as we base our matches purely on looks, and toss back anything that has the slightest ding or hint of a flaw.

But you need to snap out of it! If you want to find someone, and to be in a serious relationship then you need to change your mindset and your behaviours. Want to know how? See some advice, below:


1. Slow down – try to avoid going on your dating app so often. Maybe you’re spending too much time looking for the “perfect” person? Swiping can get very addictive and you need to make sure that it does not feel like a hobby, but a necessity to find prospects, also. Have a good look at some of the profiles, sometimes you aren’t giving people the chance and scrolling straight past them. You need to see if they have the same hobbies and interests as you too, so remember – looks are not everything!

2. Vary your type a little more – it is very easy for people using dating apps to fall in to the “type” trap, since you have all that information right there, you can filter for a specific look, specific educational background, specific job criteria, etc. Usually, a person’s “type” is manufactured by what they think they want. But maybe that needs to vary a little more? With more and more people being single nowadays, you have a lot of choice too, so sometimes this can be hard. A study even states that when app users rated a date as ‘average’ before meeting someone in person, they often increase their rating after meeting them. As it turns out, likeability and general characteristics are hard to tell behind a screen. So you need to give people a chance, as you never know – they may actually be who you are looking for!

3. Don’t be afraid to purse (even small steps) – online dating apps are used by so many people, which means loads of news matches have the potential to be made everyday. Slow down with the continuous swiping and look at people’s profiles harder. But when you find someone you are really interested in, you need to put yourself out there! Sometimes, people just need a little bit of guidance when there’s so much distraction — and a little prod in the right direction, towards organising a date and potentially building a relationship! If you like someone, pursue them. It is likely that the other person is feeling the same, as they are in the same position. Don’t hesitate and wait around to see if they’ll be the one to message; do it yourself.