New Facebook Ads Metric Will Only Record Page Views If Your Website Loaded

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Facebook wants to give advertisers a “better idea” of how many people actually arrive on your website after clicking an advert. Similar to our previous article, here is a simpler breakdown of Facebook’s new page metric:

The new metric is called landing page views, and is different from the normal page view metric because it takes into account whether your page actually loaded.

The previous page view metric would register a page view when someone clicked on your ad, but this person might leave the page before it actually loaded.

The new landing page view takes this into account, only recording page views where the advertiser’s site actually fully loaded after it was clicked.

As Facebook said, this new metric aims to “help businesses realize the importance of optimizing for a better mobile web experience.”

The tool wants to allow businesses to optimise for landing page views when they use the traffic objective, therefore “finding more people who will actually arrive on their landing page after clicking on their ad.”

The second new metric is pre-impression activity breakdown, which shows the number of people who have previously engaged with an advertiser’s website or app versus new visitors.

Facebook says it makes the determination based on “whether a site in recent weeks fired a pixel or triggered an app event associated with a business.”

As the company said in a blog post: “Pre-impression breakdown is particularly helpful for businesses running dynamic ads for broad audiences, where the audiences expand beyond their own customers, and where ad creatives are generated dynamically based on associated product recommendations.”

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