App Annie Analyses 10 Years of App Store Data

App Annie has produced a new report as the 10th anniversary of the iOS App Store approaches.

The report provides insights from historical App Store data, and features a number of remarkable statistics:

Since July 2010, over 170 billion apps have been downloaded to Apple devices. Consumer spend over the same period totalled over $170 billion.

By 2022, spend is predicted to surpass $75 billion per annum. This represents an 80% increase from 2017 spend.

Almost 10,000 apps have generated over $1 million in consumer spend. The rate of revenue growth is outpacing the rate of growth for downloads for apps in general.

The App Store generates around double the amount of consumer spend versus the Google Play store, despite the latter having more installs.

Users in rich countries have approximately 100 apps installed on average, and use around 40 per month.

App Annie says: “With significant growth still to come, the iOS App Store will continue to provide amazing opportunities to businesses across industries.”

Find the full report here.