Apple Seeking Developers For New Reality TV Show About World Of Apps

planet of the apps

Apple is looking to cast developers for its new reality TV show about the world of apps.

Called Planet of the Apps, it is an unscripted series about the app world and “the talented people that drive its innovation” produced by Apple and Propagate.

Apple has not revealed the format of the show, but by billing it as a “launch pad and accelerator for exceptional developers”, one can build a general picture of how the show might look – following developers as they build their apps, then pitching ideas for funding, Shark Tank-style.

The promotional material says those who make it to the final round will meet with top-tier VCs investing up to $10m over the course of the season.

Those accepted will also get hands-on guidance from “some of the world’s best experts in tech and entertainment”, as well as featured placement on the App Store at the end of the show.

And Apple is now asking developers to apply to appear on the show, looking for 100 of the world’s “most talented app creators”.

The show’s executive producers are, Howard Owens and Ben Silverman.

Speaking about the show, Silverman and Owens, Co-CEOs of Propagate said: “Over 2 million apps are available on the App Store, with new apps published every day.

“Planet of the Apps will give app creators the chance to break through and share their ideas with the world.  This is an exciting format that taps into what is driving culture today. We can’t wait to see the groundbreaking ideas accepted for the show grow into viable businesses.”

Planet of the Apps is also teaming up with Product Hunt on a four city tour in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Austin and New York, which will be an “an opportunity to meet other tech entrepreneurs and hear from the team behind the series.”

These dates will be released on the Planet of the Apps website shortly.

Developers can apply for the show on the Planet of the Apps website here, with the deadline for applications closing on Friday, August 26th.