Australian Government To Spend $230M On Cyber Security Defences By 2020

Australian Government cyberops

The Australian Government has just outlined its new information security strategy for the next four years, which will work to create more proactive infrastructure defences with regards to cyber attacks.

The country’s Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, revealed the AU$230m plan at the Cyber Security Strategy launch this week, detailing how the government will seek to strengthen its cyber security capabilities and respond better to cyber threats.

According to the strategy, the money will be invested into better information sharing and building efficient security centres across the country, helping to ensure the cyber security of the 90% of Australians who will be online by 2017.

Over the next four years, Australia will also see the development of information sharing hubs and national cyber security skills, as well as the appointment of ambassadors to help aid better communication between sectors.

In terms of growth, the strategy will create around 100 specialist roles as part of its new information security plan, including appointing Children’s E-safety Commissioner, Alastair MacGibbon, as the Special Adviser to the Prime Minister on Cyber Security.

Also outlined in the new plan is a $39m investment in the Australian Cyber Security Centre to help access with the private sector, with an additional $47m given to improving threat-sharing centres.

Small and medium-sized businesses will also benefit from the new strategy, with the government set to bankroll 5,000 security testings and provide 100 companies with governance “health checks”.

Universities will also see security advancements by 2020, with many being provided with security centres designed to offer work to students with relevant work-related skills.

Speaking about the strategy, Sir Iain Lobban said: “The Cyber Security Strategy underscores the powerful potential sparked by the cyber phenomenon.

“That potential revolves not just around Australia’s national security, but equally around its economic wellbeing: it is unlocked by tackling these issues square on; by getting to grips with them in partnership across government, industry, academia and society; and in mastering their complexities and seizing their inherent possibilities.”

The CEO of Business Council of Australia and member of the Cyber Security Review’s Independent Panel of Expert, Jennifer Westacott, also commented: “Australia is well placed to succeed with an agile and transformative strategy and now is absolutely the right time to act on this.

“If we take action we can ensure that we are not only open for business but one of the most trusted business environments in the world.”

Read the full strategy here.

Danielle White

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