Badoo CMO Talks Marketing Work in Latest Interview

Badoo’s CMO Dominic Gallello has been interviewed by marketing advisors Econsultancy to give more of an insight into his current role and what he thinks it takes to become a successful marketer.

Gallello joined the online dating company earlier this year, telling GDI he was excited to help change the lives of millions of people from different cultures all over the world.

Speaking to Econsultancy, he said that it has been a “tremendously rewarding experience” helping people forge connections and that he wished there were more hours in the day to get the job done.

His journey to the dating company has seen him work on promotional campaigns for Coca-Cola, Visa and UNICEF, before joining Airtime, a streaming app that allows groups of friends to watch videos at the same time.

Gallello was very complimentary of Badoo’s in-house data analysis tools, which are shared across MagicLab’s three other subsidiaries.

He explained: “This includes all of our data infrastructure as well as our user engagement tools that enables us to communicate through email, notifications, and in-app modals. 

“It enables us to build a personalised relationship with our users and understand how connecting our values to our community can drive engagement and growth.”

The interview finished with him passing on his best piece of advice for aspiring marketers, which was to always be on top of quickly evolving digital strategies and to utilise techniques that other companies are not.

Badoo launched its new ‘Date Honestly’ rebrand in June, which encourages users to be open about what they want from a relationship in order to get the best results.

Read the full interview here.