Blink – A New Dating App Redefining Online Connection

Blink, a new dating app just launched in New York City, promises to end “doom-swiping”. The app listens to users’ preferences and availability, then schedules 10-minute phone dates with potential partners.

These dates, called ‘Blink Dates’, are done purely through audio. If a user likes who they’re speaking to, they are given photos of three different people, one of them being their date. The app also asks users what they think of each.

If there’s mutual positive feedback, users match and can continue their conversation. Blink explains that this format “combines substance with conversation, along with an element of mystery”.

“Love is not blind but it also isn’t sparked by one photo and a one second swipe,” said Blink founder Taly Matiteyahu. 

“Dating success is often portrayed as finding your person, ‘the one’. But there are a lot of little successes you can have along the journey – good conversations, healthy connections, dates with good people that aren’t necessarily your person but are still fun. Blink is designed to give people those little successes while they’re looking for their person”, she added.

Blink launched its beta version in mid-December 2022, hosting over 300 audio dates since. So far, these dates have a 29% match rate, three times higher than other dating apps, it shared.

To grow its user base, Matiteyahu launched a campaign of trivia nights, speed dating events, singles mixers, and more.

Part of the philosophy behind Blink is that it hopefully increases accountability in how people behave online. “People become disposable when you’re just swiping all day” Matiteyahu explained.

“Compatibility is important and if you’re looking for connection, is swiping really the best way to find your life partner? Blink is meant to re-humanize the dating process. I just want to set everyone up for more love and success”, she continued.

The platform received funding in 2022 from Graham & Walker, which focuses on women startup founders.

“We watched Taly execute throughout our highly selective accelerator, and have been impressed by her ability to take an innovative and data-driven approach to solving this massive problem and make dating, which has become a time consuming process for many daters, accessible and fun”, said Rohre Titcomb, COO & Venture Partner at Graham & Walker.

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