Blued Hosts Virtual Pride Event ‘#StayProud’

Blued hosted its first ever virtual Pride event to give its global community an opportunity to stay connected and celebrate while lockdown restrictions are in place.

#StayProud was broadcast virtually on 28th June with viewers from more than 30 different countries able to tune in using the social media app.

The two-hour programme was hosted by Todrick Hall, the LGBTQ advocate and performer known for his appearances on RuPaul’s Drag Race and The Greatest Dancer.

It featured a variety of performances, including drag shows, workout demonstrations and makeup tutorials, as well as discussions about what it means to identify as LGBTQ in 2020.

Hall expressed in a statement: “This is one of the most creative Prides I’ve ever seen, and definitely one that will be unforgettable. Staying strong is a difficult thing to do right now, it can mean fighting back the urge to fight people on the things you disagree with. It takes strength to be calm, to listen and be considerate, to be patient, kind and understanding.

“Like Blued, I want every single person to feel empowered to be their truest, best selves. Celebrating diversity today is so vitally important to ensuring an even brighter future tomorrow. Now more than ever, we need to use our voices to lift each other up and move the world forward. I’m truly honored to be part of Blued’s #StayProud virtual Pride.”

A full recording of the event is available to be watched for free on YouTube.

Visit the Blued website here.