Britney Spears Caught Up In Legal Action Over Bumble Product Placement Deal


Britney Spears has been caught up in a legal dispute over the product placement of dating app Bumble in Spears’ latest video.

Adam Kluger, the founder & CEO of Kluger Agency, an advertising company known for facilitating product placement in the music industry, has been accused of fraud for negotiating a deal with dating platform Bumble without proper authorisation.

These negotiations allegedly saw Kluger offer Bumble an $800,000 deal, which aimed to show placement of the dating platform in Spears’ forthcoming video.

And according to reports in TMZ, Bumble shelled out $200,000 to Kluger up-front, before Kluger made a deal with RCA, Britney’s label, for the dating brand to pay a further $450,000 to them.

All of this would have resulted in Kluger getting over 43% – or $350,000 – in fees.

However a letter from Britney’s lawyer obtained by TMZ argues that Kluger made this deal saying that he represented Britney, even though he did not.

Kluger disputes this, telling TMZ: “We are going to defend the sterling reputation of The Kluger Agency in court as necessary.

“The allegations are false. The Kluger Agency has done nothing wrong.”

Kluger said he never suggested he represented Britney and was only trying to bring the two parties together – a process he claims his agency is responsible for doing.

As it stands, the up and coming Britney video will not be featuring Bumble, however, she is said to have made other plans with the dating platform.