Bumble Partners With Popular YouTuber David Dobrik

Bumble has been running promotions via a partnership with popular YouTube star David Dobrik. The activation sees him give away large sums of money to college students across the US.

Dobrik and his team of content creators, known collectively as ‘The Vlog Squad’, drove to several college campuses, including UCLA and the University of Illinois, in a custom yellow Mercedes.

They gave away prizes like Bumble merchandise, iPhone 11s and $1,000 tuition donations. While in Illinois, one student was gifted $15,000 to help pay for her education.

The collaboration began at the end of May when Dobrik downloaded the app to match with his fans. He surprised the first woman he connected with by meeting up with her and handing over a large $1,000 cheque.

Bumble have declined to comment on how long they will continue to work with Dobrik, but so far the brand considers their involvement a significant success.

VP of Marketing Chelsea Maclin told Tubefilter: “We’ve been keeping up with David for a while now — since his Vine days, to be honest — and we’ve admired how he empowers his community and gives back whenever he’s able.

“We also love his core group of friends, the Vlog Squad, who have not only created more buzz around campus but have also helped us market other modes within Bumble. At Bumble, we’re always trying to emphasize that all relationships are important — not just romantic ones.”

Dobrik has just under 15 million subscribers on his main YouTube channel and often gets over 10 million views on individual uploads.

Recent reporting revealed that a number of US college fraternities have signed exclusive deals with Bumble to host sponsored parties.

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