muzmatch Launches Brexit-Themed London Underground Ads

Muslim dating app muzmatch has launched a new Brexit-themed campaign on the London Underground this month.

Banner ads with the message “Time to Leave the Single Market?” will run just as the UK population begins to consider its options ahead of a December general election. 

The issue of European Union (EU) membership is expected to dominate political campaigning in the coming weeks. The wordplay by muzmatch references the EU’s internal market, which guarantees the free movement of goods, capital, services, and labour between member states.

A majority for the Conservative Party would likely see Britain leave the European Union under the leadership of Boris Johnson, one of the more prominent Brexit campaigners.

A majority for Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour, meanwhile, would see further negotiations take place and, potentially, another referendum on membership.

muzmatch is looking to expand its reach following a successful Series A. The platform recently raised $7 million from Y Combinator and Luxor Capital, and has vowed to “deliver a community-sensitive approach to soulmate searching”.

CEO Shahzad Younas said after the raise: “muzmatch is more than just a conventional dating app, it is revolutionising how Muslims meet and marry. 

“With almost 2 million Muslims in the world, our goal is to unite the hearts and minds of this untapped demographic in their journey of finding a life partner.”

The app currently operates in more than 200 countries, and is available in 14 different languages.

Visit the muzmatch website here.