Clikd Ads Ask London Singles To Discover The Person Behind The Photo As Dating App Officially Launches


Clikd is encouraging singles to look beyond the profile picture as it launches its digital advertising and billboard campaign across London today.

The campaign coincides with the official release of the app on iOS and Android, after soft-launching the dating app earlier this year.

The dating product seeks to connect likeminded singles by sending users recommended matches every day.

If you are interested in one of these people, you have to complete their short photo-based personality quiz that each Clikd user creates themselves, to test whether any interested parties are compatible.

The quiz questions are completely customisable, and could be anything from: “Friday or club?” to “Go with the flow, or plan before you go?” or “Are you a dog or a cat person?”


And the London-based dating app, built by co-founders Michael Blakeley and Rupert Coney, is now looking to highlight this personality-focused aspect of the product with a new advertising campaign that launches today in London.

The campaign is comprised of over 100 digital adverts, and includes billboards, adverts at train stations, bus stops and on taxis.

Live across the city of London, the adverts feature two taglines: “Discover the person behind the photo”, and “Don’t just date anyone”.

Speaking about the campaign, Michael Blakeley said the company wants to “encourage people to look behind the profile picture to the personality behind.”


The co-founder said: “Having tested the app in beta form over the last couple of months we have listened to the feedback, refined the app and are now launching a full version to the public. We still have loads of ideas for new features that we’re looking to build over the next six months, but we think it’s now a great standalone product that our users like.

“As evidence of that, we’ve even had people submit their own questions/content to the app, a level of engagement which is great news to see so early on. We’re now focusing our efforts on user acquisition strategy, the first step of which is the launch of our marketing campaign “Discover the person behind the photo”, which I think nicely encapsulates what we are trying to do as an app”.

As part of its evolution, the app has also increased the number of daily recommendations to 20, redesigned the profile page, introduced notifications and enabled users to upload photos directly from their phone.

In the second week of the campaign, Clikd will release a second advert featuring its new intern, who the London startup “hired to be our human guinea pig.”

Clikd announced it was searching for an intern back in April – someone to test drive the dating app, by going on paid dates round London and blogging about their experiences.

And having received over 200 applicants, it has now hired Daria, who will be the face of the next stage of the company’s campaign roll-out in London.

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