Dating App Subscriptions During Inflation: A Good Idea?

A recent article has examined why keeping a dating app subscription, despite economic challenges, might be a worthwhile investment.

The analysis from Quartz highlighted that dating app subscriptions have remained fairly steady over recent years. Match Group recorded a 1% year-over-year rise in revenue, bringing on 100,000 more paying users to its products, it highlights.

So why is this the case, with many ordinary people facing tough times financially? One reason could be that finding a life partner means bills can be split, leading to a smaller monetary burden.

The article highlights that in New York City, the average rent prices, gas prices, and even beer prices are rising. Having someone around to help with this demonstrates that “the long-term savings seem like a big draw to pay for premium subscriptions in the short-term”, Quartz shares.

However, it does acknowledge that some dating apps are being affected by the economic situation. For example, Plenty of Fish has struggled and acknowledged a “challenging operating environment” continues.

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