Dating Apps Boost The UK Economy By £11.7bn Every Year


A recent report by TSB has revealed that dating apps boost the UK economy by a massive £11.7bn every year.

The report says that 33% of people have met potential partners through dating apps, and 14% of current relationships were said to have begun online.

Online daters in the UK are also most likely to be active on two platforms – Tinder (55%) and Plenty of Fish (41%).

However, when it comes to offline dates, TSB found that things can get rather expensive for singles, with the average person going on two dates per month.

A first date will cost an average of £41.20 – around £50 for men and £36 for women – but if people decide to meet up again, the price decreases to £28.83, TSB revealed.

Interestingly, people who answer “lonely heart” newspaper ads tend to spend more in comparison to online daters, shelling out an average of £54 on a first date compared to the £39 spent by those online.

When it comes to deciding who pays, TSB found that 40% of people think men should be the ones to pay, whereas 37% think the bill should be split – this figure increasing to 62% when considering later dates.

A significant 25% of British singles also said they would not go on a second date with someone if they didn’t offer to split the bill – 30% of women and 17% of men holding this belief.

TSB said: “With so many ways of meeting new people, it’s unsurprising that almost half (48%) of people who had just starting dating someone confessed that they would keep their options open until it turned into a relationship, and more than a quarter (26%) would continue dating other people.

“The most popular first date (28%) involves heading out for a few drinks but others have been whisked off their feet with a helicopter ride, treated to a weekend in Paris, floated out to sea on a yacht, hot air balloon rides and even bungee jumping.

“However, more unlucky in love daters complained of dates in McDonald’s and even being taken to a strip club.”

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