Analysis Of Best Dating Profiles Shows How Singles’ Preferences Are Shifting


A recent eHarmony study has revealed the best words to include in your profile to increase your chances of attracting other singles.

The study looked at 12,000 of the most popular profiles on eHarmony and analysed the most commonly-used words in each of the profiles.

eHarmony compared the results to those found in 2014, looking at how preferences in potential partners has changed over the past two years.

The eHarmony study found that for men, the best phrase to attract women to their profile was “physically fit”, something that hasn’t changed since 2014.

And describing themselves as “physically fit” can boost the attractiveness of a man’s profile by as much as 96%, the dating site found.

In contrast, the word “ambitious” has gone from being the second most attractive attribute in 2014, to the 10th in 2016.

Instead, women preferred men who said they were “outgoing”, “perceptive” and “spontaneous”.

In comparison, men now look for stronger women.

Back in 2014, the most popular attribute for women was “sweet”, but in their recent study, eHarmony found that men are now looking for women who describe themselves as “ambitious”.

The term “sweet” has now dropped to third place in two years.

Attributes such as “perceptive”, “hard working” and “thoughtful” were also found to be popular amongst men.

On the other band, the least popular words to include in profiles, for both men and women, were “spiritual” and “quite”, something that has stayed the same since 2014.

Speaking about the research, Aisling Lawless, expert at said: We know that the words you use in your dating profile are important, and what this study shows is that the ‘language of love’ is constantly evolving.

“Within just two years the top 10 most popular words changed drastically, especially in terms of what men are looking for in a partner.”

“To help members increase their probability of success we have created eHarmony’s online profile checker to help guide members on how their dating profile measures up.

“Using this tool, members can see the words that are working for them and the ones that aren’t; as well as a few suggestions that’ll help them stand out from the crowd.

“At we match our members using 29 dimensions of compatibility which provides better matches and helps members find long and happy relationships from the very start.”

Check out the best and worst profile words to use for both men and women below:

(The number in brackets represents the average increase/decrease in messages received compared to an average profile)

Best & worst dating profile words for men

Best words for men

  1. Physically fit (+96%)
  2. Perceptive (+51%)
  3. Spontaneous (+45%)
  4. Outgoing (+44%)
  5. Optimistic (+39%)
  6. Intelligent (+35%)
  7. Passionate (+32%)
  8. Affectionate (+29%)
  9. Articulate (+24%)
  10. Ambitious (+23%)

Worst words for men

  1. Quite (-62%)
  2. Spiritual (-34%)
  3. Respectful (-31%)
  4. Good listener (-29%)
  5. Caring (-25%)

Best & worst dating profile words for women

Top 10 words for women

  1. Ambitious (+48%)
  2. Perceptive (+46%)
  3. Sweet (+33%)
  4. Hard working (+32%)
  5. Thoughtful (+28%)
  6. Physically fit (+21%)
  7. Creative (+19%)
  8. Rationale (+19%)
  9. Spontaneous (+19%)
  10. Energetic (+18%)

Worst five for women

  1. Spiritual (-35%)
  2. Quite (-32%)
  3. Dependable (-26%)
  4. Articulate (-19%)
  5. Good listener (-18%)