ExoClick Launches Membership Area Traffic Business

Membership area traffic

Ad company ExoClick officially launched its membership area traffic business this week.

Headed by Kelan Stone, the new traffic source allows publishers of membership sites to get an additional revenue source via CPM ad spots.

It also gives advertisers the opportunity to target their offers to this profitable segment.

ExoClick said advertisers will get higher visibility because the limited number of ad placements means they are not competing with other offers on the same page.

The company also said ads that appear on a membership site tend to generate a CTR 10 to 40 times higher than those on a free content site.

Kelan Stone, ExoClick’s Head of Membership Area Business, said: “ExoClick’s highly experienced sales team coupled with our proprietary technology ensures that both membership site publishers and advertisers are in a win-win situation.

“We offer a no risk solution to increasing members area revenues because we understand how to achieve this without impacting the user experience or cannibalizing the publishers internal sales.

“For advertisers we offer an exclusive, high quality, highly converting traffic source from a range of key partners including Traffic Mansion.”

Jenny González from Traffic Mansion said: “We are extremely happy to partner with ExoClick, a like-minded company who fit in with our technology and optimization driven strategies to maximise revenue generation with membership area traffic.”

The main vertical for the new service is dating membership sites from English-speaking countries like the UK, US, Australia and New Zealand.

As well as ad spots, ExoClick is also offering advertisers emailed newsletter blasts, where they can purchase a set amount of email clicks on a CPC basis.

The ad network will also advise publishers on things like ideal banner layout and page placement, and the right time to display internal offers versus external offers to help generate more sales revenue.

The new membership area traffic is available through the company’s admin panel.

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