Expert Reveals Couples Trends Expected For 2022

An expert relationship therapist has released the key trends and themes that new couples will begin to see in 2022. In the lookahead for the next twelve months, Charisse Cooke has shared a number of goals that couples should be setting themselves to keep their relationship strong throughout what she believes could be a turbulent 2022 – including a trick taken from the board room.

The first trend is the introduction of a ‘relationship meeting’. “Every week, schedule some time for you and your partner to discuss the good things that happened in the week that you appreciate each other for. Also go over one thing to each work on in the relationship, any financial admin, and upcoming social or family events and the expectations you each have around those. This ensures the both of you feel heard and minimises miscommunications.”

Charisse is also keen to remind couples to not forget to have fun. “As you start returning to work and catching up with everything you’ve missed over the festive period, don’t lose sight of the importance of letting your hair down. Make time to do something fun or playful with your partner at least twice a month to de-stress and ensure you’re not taking out any work grievances on each other.”

The next trend that couples need to be aware of is letting go of criticism. “Many couples fall into the habit of being critical or disrespectful when they talk to each other. Just because you’re comfortable with your partner doesn’t mean you don’t have to think about how you’re speaking to them. Take responsibility for using constructive language and a kind tone of voice – always.”

New couples in 2022 should be aware of the importance of showing gratitude. “Train your brain to look for the positives. All too often the good stuff becomes invisible to us and all we see is “what’s wrong”. We fault-find and our perspective gets skewed to the negative. Begin to think fondly of your partner. Speak well of them to your friends. Be gentle in your eyes when you look at them. Don’t lose sight of what it is to love and be loved in return.”

Charisse has released the trends in anticipation of what could be another challenging year for couples. Additional research recently launched from the international dating app, happn, also discovered the top qualities singles are looking for in a partner, taking into account the year that just was, with both emotional and physical traits chosen. While singles are looking for a caring partner (40%), they certainly haven’t forgotten about their attraction to someone who has a friendly smile at the very least (61%).

Luke Smith

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