Experts Make 2022 Dating Predictions And Trends

Dating experts have launched their 2022 dating predictions and trends, looking ahead to the next twelve months in online dating.

It’s been hard to separate the pandemic and dating over the last couple of years. Lockdowns dictated where you could meet people and really put a stopper to any ambitions to meet someone the old fashioned way. However, some of the biggest dating app experts have made their predictions for 2022.

Naomi Walkland, Head of Bumble UK & Ireland, said: “If 2020 was the year of reflection, 2021 has been a year of discovery and we expect to see that continue into the new year. As we head into the new year, our dating lives are a blank page, and this makes for an exciting time to try something new. It could be changing what we prioritise in a partner, being more intentional about when we date, or just sharing the activities we love. With half of single people looking to ‘reset’ their dating, we anticipate that coming months will be big for romance.”

Tinder found that in 2021, dates were more about activities than icebreakers. Instead of going for a drink, the dating app revealed that people were opting for dates in the outdoors where they could really get to know their dates. Singles got creative.

While some say politics and religion are no go areas on a first date, there appeared to be no rules in 2021. Both OKCupid and the Inner Circle said that there had been a massive increase in people talking, arguing, and expressing their political views. OKCupid detailed that politics was one of the biggest deal breakers for people, with a nearly 10% increase in political terms in users profiles.

One key dating trend that became prevalent throughout the pandemic was pre-first date video calls. The Inner Circle has said that as this is one way that app users can work out if they have a connection with someone and avoid cat-fishing then this verified dating trend is here to stay.

Experts at agreed, arguing that audio and video dating will redefine how we date in 2022, with 90% of users saying they plan on doing it in the new year. And Tinder said that video dates have been mentioned 52% more times in people’s dating profiles. Verified dating is the way you can meet before in-real-life dating kicks in.

Experts have identified that being vaccinated (or not) will continue to play a big role in dating in 2022. Tinder reported that mentions of being “vaxxed” increased by 97 times in people’s bios. Your vaccine status may leave you feeling safer to meet with someone new. With booster vaccines for many on the horizon, this is likely to be a key trend in 2022.