Facebook Launches $40 Million Grant For Struggling Small Businesses

Facebook has announced $40 million in grants for 10,000 small businesses in the US to help them get through these challenging times. 

The grants will go to small businesses in 34 locations where Facebook employees live and work. Those located in New York and Seattle will be the first to receive funds.

According to NewsGram, Facebook’s COO Sheryl Sandberg said in a statement: “In this challenging time, when information is changing daily, we are listening to and learning from scores of small businesses to understand what they need now and what they will need down the road.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has hit small businesses everywhere. Suddenly and, through no fault of their own, many simply can’t do business, and for others it has become much, much harder because customers are doing the right thing and staying at home.”

The recent announcement comes after Bumble also announced that it would be offering a £5000 grant to 150 different businesses, as well as donating $100,000 to the World Health Organisation.

Facebook also recently announced a $100 million global small business grant programme to help customers support their local services.

Once a company has set up its own personal fundraiser, patrons can send digital gift cards to assist with costs during a time when many outlets have been forced to close.

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