Facebook Still The Leading Social Network Amongst Millennials & 35+ Consumers

Leading Social Network
Facebook has been named the leading social network amongst millennials and 35+ consumers in a recent report by ComScore.

In its recent MMX report, ComScore revealed some interesting figures about how often we really use social networks.

And Facebook came out on top, taking the number one spot as the most used social network amongst millennials and the 35+ age group.

The report found that multi-platform social media reach amongst millennials in the UK was at 97.6% – the highest in Europe.

And Facebook is proving to reach millennials on a multi-platform scale with a whopping 90.2% – almost 30 percentage points higher than second-placed Instagram.

The report also found that millennials are increasingly turning to mobile when it comes to social networking, with general mobile reach hitting 99.3%, leaving desktop trailing behind at 91.4%.

Interestingly, however, unlike millennials, ComScore found that 35+ audiences still preferred desktop (91.1% reach) to mobile (90.2%).

But according to the report, social media reach amongst the 35+ group has hit 94%, with people using Facebook for an average of 558 minutes per month.

This is a figure that isn’t too different to the millennial stats, who are reported to be using the site and/or app for 795 minutes over the same time period – a figure that is double the amount of time spent on Snapchat, the second most used network.

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