Feeld Introduces New Modes For Isolation Connections

Feeld, a popular dating app for couples and singles, has introduced ‘virtual threesomes’ as part of its quarantine updates, giving couples the opportunity to add a third person into their relationship.

Product Lead at Feeld Anna Kirova told Metro: “We’ve always pushed for honesty around sex and sexual desire. In a time of crisis we need this honesty more than ever. It’s down to platforms like ours to show people that their sex lives don’t need to stop.

“We created the Quarantine Core as a response to that and as a way to empower people to keep exploring their curiosities remotely through their senses, imagination, and like-minded humans across the globe.”

The app enables couples to explore their personal kinks, which can range from sexting to BDSM and more.

However, the creators of Feeld were forced to come up with a new feature to help users have the same experiences of interaction and connection while in isolation.

Once the user selects the ‘Quarantine Core’, they become visible and can virtually hookup with other Feeld users without leaving their house. There is also a ‘Threesomes Core’, for couples looking to interact with single users.

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