Financial Services Company Discover Partners With Tinder To Survey User Base With Branded Profile Cards


Banking and finance company Discover is currently running a new partnership on Tinder to get singles to try the company’s credit rating tool.

The direct banking and payment services company is running two types of ad campaigns on Tinder, both of which feature branded profile cards.

The first is a poll asking users their “do’s and dont’s” with regards to finances and dating, asking questions such as the importance of a potential romantic match’s financial stability, and whether someone’s credit score matters to them.

After completing the poll, the Tinder users are then messaged a link to find out their FICO Credit Score for free using Discover’s Credit Scorecard.

The second type of branded profile is one that features a survey question on romance and finance, where singles will have to swipe right to find out the answer, before being messaged a link to find out their credit score.

Asked why Discover wanted to partner with Tinder for this campaign, the company said: “Tinder is the #1 app for meeting new people and 69% of Tinder members are Millennials.

“By bringing Discover’s messaging to Tinder, we can impact the way single Millennials talk about finances with their Matches, and to understand the role that finances play in their romantic lives.

“Being in the know about your finances sets you up for success in other areas of your life, including dating.

“Discover has done in-app advertising before, but not with Tinder. The branded profile cards in Tinder are the first of their kind for the company.”

The partnership also saw the two companies collaborate on a study about the link between finance and dating, which was released last week.

The companies surveyed 2,000 consumers aged 18 and over, asking a variety of finance-related questions to find out singles’ feelings on how important a good credit rating and financial stability is when looking for a potential partner.

Speaking about the partnership, Peter Foster, Match Media Group’s general manager of advertising and brand solutions said: “We are always learning about our audience and what they care about when it comes to dating.

“When Discover approached us about partnering on this survey we were excited to dig deeper into the relationship between finance and romance to give Tinder users real world insights to help them succeed in their dating lives on Tinder and beyond.”

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Chloe Gay

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