Google Also Planning 85% Revenue Split For Developers


Yesterday, it was revealed that Apple plans to introduce a new measure that means developers get an 85% revenue share on subscriptions if customers have been paying for over a year.

And now it seems as if Google is also looking in the same direction, but with a more attractive offer for app developers.

Google is reportedly planning a similar 85/15 split, but without the one year requirement.

This is according to a report in re/code, which says the 70/30 revenue split is changing across the board to an 85/15 split.

According to sources, this new plan has apparently been tested with a few entertainment companies, including video apps, over the past year.

It is currently not known when this new pricing plan is likely to roll out.

On the other hand, it seems like Apple’s own 85/15 split – only for customers who have paying for over a year – will come into force on Monday, after its annual Worldwide Developers Conference.

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