Google Blocked Publication of 1.43 Million Apps

Google shared that in 2022 it prevented 1.43 million policy-violating apps from reaching the Google Play store. The platform’s fraud prevention tools blocked over $2 billion in malicious transactions.

Google’s safety tool, named Google Play Protect, scans billions of apps everyday across Android devices. The mechanism looks for malware and unwanted software in order to protect Play Store users.

It shared that safety measures lead to 173,000 bad accounts being banned. It also said that over the past three years, over 500,000 apps were submitted to the Play Store, but were prevented from accessing sensitive permissions.

Part of these safety measures also includes requiring new developers to register for the store with a phone, email, and other verification methods. This has since contributed to a reduction in the number of developers who are publishing apps that break Google policies.

Find out more about Google’s fight against bad apps here.

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