Google Bringing Fast-Loading AMP Pages To AdWords, Sign Up To Beta Now

Google AdWords

This week, we wrote about Facebook adding support for Google’s fast-loading mobile web pages.

These AMP pages speed up the mobile web by letting websites build content-rich lightweight pages that load much faster when clicked on in Google search results.

We also mentioned that these pages will soon be available to users of AdWords – something announced by Google earlier this year.

The program is currently in beta, but will let AdWords users create fast-loading AMP pages as the landing pages for search ads.

This will allow advertisers to link their search ads to AMP landing pages, therefore dramatically speeding up an ad’s load time.

Speaking about their results with the AMP landing pages, Paul Ortmayer, Johnson & Johnson’s Head of Digital Analytics EMEA, said: “Johnson & Johnson has seen great results in testing AMP with our product information pages. For specific pages, we’ve seen page speeds improve by 10x and engagement rates improve by 20%.”

Those interested in using AMP pages for their AdWords ads can apply to the beta here.

To get considered for the beta, you must have already created valid AMP versions of your AdWords landing pages by June 30, 2017 – read more here.

AMP on Google Display Network

In addition to this, Google is also using the AMP technology to speed up ads served in the Google Display Network.

According to Google, these AMP-powered ads load up to five seconds faster than normal ads, even though they look the same.

As the company said in its announcement: “When ads load fast, people are more likely to see them. That means media budgets work more effectively and messaging strategies realize their full potential. Fast-loading ads also create better experiences for users.”

Normal AMP pages load within half a second, and since the program launched in February 2016, over 9m AMP pages have been published by 900,000 domains.

Read more here.