Grindr Consumes More Battery Than Any Other Dating App

Uswitch has found that Grindr causes the battery on users’ phones to drain faster than any of the other leading dating apps.

The UK-based comparison website analysed the 50 most popular apps on major app stores and looked at how many battery-draining permissions an app used.

When it came to dating apps Grindr came out on top with 28 battery-draining permissions. It was followed by Bumble which has 20, Tinder with 18 and Hinge with 13.

However, in a wider context, this wasn’t a mark on the top ten apps that drain the most battery, with Google coming out on top with 72 permissions. It was followed by Facebook with 50 and Facebook Messenger on 46.

Overall, Grindr was listed in 17th position, on a level-pegging with Snapchat.

Giving advice on how best to preserve phone batteries, Ernest Doku, a mobiles expert at Uswitch, said: “There are a few simple ways to preserve your mobile phone’s battery life, such as turning off WiFi/Bluetooth and making the most of low power modes.

“Now that social distancing is firmly in place, spending more time at home and not surrounded by people, it’s become natural for people to be using their phones more.

“What they may be oblivious to is the excessive drain this will be causing on your battery, needing you to charge it more often than usual, a cost to your phone’s mechanics and your electricity bill.”

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