Grindr Criticised For Delaying Removal of Ethnicity Filter

Grindr is facing renewed criticism because it still hasn’t removed the controversial ethnicity filter almost a month after it promised to do so.

At the start of June, the gay dating app announced it would get rid of the premium filter to show solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. Users often complained about the option because they believed it contributed to the issue of sexual racism within the LGBTQ community.

Grindr responded by saying it would no longer be silent or inactive on the issue and committed to removing the filter as part of the “next release”.

However, BBC News reported that the app has undergone six updates since the statement was issued and the ethnicity filters are still in place.

In-app prompts are also actively encouraging free users to sign up for a premium membership to get access to the “advanced filter”.

Numerous daters are voicing their disapproval online and accusing Grindr of lying and jumping on a trend as a PR play.

A spokesperson has responded to Vice and apologised for the delay. They blamed the recent change of ownership and now claim that users should begin to see the update by 30th June.

“10 days ago Grindr changed ownership, causing a slight delay from our side. We have now completed all the changes to our apps and service needed to remove the ethnicity filters, and the QA review on the updates is complete.”

Incoming COO Rick Marini told The Advocate earlier this month that he wants the platform to be an inclusive place for everybody to find relationships.

Other companies, including Perry Street Software and, have also removed their own similar filters. In contrast, Match Group has committed to keeping the option as it believes it’s beneficial for people from minority groups to find each other.

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