Hear Tinder’s Director Of Growth Engineering Team Alex Ross Give Hour Long Interview


The director of growth engineering at Tinder was recently interviewed on an engineering podcast, giving an insight into life behind the curtain at Tinder.

Alex Ross was interviewed on the Software Engineering Daily podcast for about an hour, speaking about his role, which mixes data science, data engineering, psychology, and defining important KPIs.

The engineering director, who has been at Tinder since May 2017, speaks about how he defines different KPIs and sets important metrics for his growth team, which totals 30 engineers – up from three in 2016.

In terms of important metrics, Ross says at the very top line, Tinder looks at monthly active users – which he describes as the “primary goal” – as well as Tinder’s natural weekly usage cycle, and weekly and daily active users.

According to Ross, to ensure Tinder is hitting its KPIs, the engineering team is split between what Tinder has identified as the five different facets of growth: new user acquisition, activation, retention, dropoff, and anti-spam.

He also speaks about how the company tackles the online dating spam problem and fights churn, as well as the challenges of aligning the entire growth team, who each have their own individual growth goals.

Check out the full interview here.