New Tinder-Like Spoof Site Lets Users “Swipe Right” On Just One Person


A new Tinder-like site has taken inspiration from Hindu culture to create a service which generates fake arranged marriages.

Hindur is a new parody dating site, which like the popular dating app, lets users sign up and swipe on potential matches.

But there is a catch. Unlike Tinder, users do not have the ability to “swipe left” on profiles they are not interested in, and what’s more, they can only “swipe right” once.

Once a user has used their single right swipe, they are greeted by a box which reads, “Congrats! You’re getting married”, alongside a button telling them to “Meet Your Spouse”.

Following the “arranged marriage”, Hindur also sends each user a generic messages, which states: “Americans swipe through thousands of profiles, go on hundreds of dates, and endure breakup after breakup hunting for love.

“Yet after all this effort, nearly half our marriages end in divorce.

“Since we’re not choosing our way into happiness,  perhaps we should take a page from Hindu culture and have someone else choose for us.”

By giving users no freedom to select who they match with, Hindur reflects the way in which some cultures setup arranged marriages, without letting the individuals choose who they wed.

Hindur sister site
However, if a user is not happy with their Hindur marriage, the site urges them to check out its sister site, – an obvious spoof of adultery site Ashley Madison.

Check out Hindur’s official site here.

Danielle White

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