How Different Generations See Data Privacy

Data privacy is an issue app developers must contend with, as it raises important ethical and legal considerations. But studies are highlighting that app users of different generations have very different opinions on the importance of this privacy.

An article from Morning Consult shares that Gen Z adults are more likely to have no opinion when it comes to their privacy expectations for a company storing their data. This contrasts older generations, who are more likely to expect data privacy and security at a minimum.

Gen Z are also less surprised when a company stores data at risk of a breach, or asks for information without explaining how it will be used. This leads the article to conclude that the youngest generation of adults is “more jaded” on the topic of data privacy.

The studies show that it’s difficult to impress Gen Z with data privacy measures. While 70% of all adults would have a more positive impression of a company that is transparent about data protections, that number decreases to 53% among Gen Z.

When it comes to who can be trusted with sensitive data, Gen Z are more likely to trust social media companies compared to older generations. However, Gen Z are less likely to trust financial services companies, search engines, ride-hailing apps and online retails when compared to older generations.

The article summarises that “expectations around data privacy are shifting from something that sets companies apart in consumers’ minds to something that people expect the same way one might expect a service or product to work as advertised”.

“For Gen Zers, this takes the form of skepticism that companies will keep their data safe, and their reluctance to give companies credit for getting it right means that good data privacy practices will increasingly be more about maintaining trust than building it.”

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