How to Set Boundaries with a New Match

An important part of the online dating journey is learning to protect against heartbreak and build healthy relationships. A new survey found that 32% of daters between 21 and 30 say that setting boundaries as soon as you match is essential.

Dating app QuackQuack conducted a survey of 10,000 singles from tier 1 and 2 cities in India, exploring how they develop boundaries in new relationships. 

Many of these singles shared that creating boundaries helps prevent feelings from getting hurt when things don’t go as planned. Some examples of these boundaries include setting time limits on how much you interact with a new match per day, or asking them to not message during work hours.

37% of women between 25 and 30 advise young daters that privacy is an important part of developing boundaries. For matters of safety, singles should avoid sharing private information such as their address, even if they feel they’re being swept off their feet.

The best way to avoid miscommunication and disagreements is to quickly establish things that won’t be compromised. By establishing what is important to themselves, singles can adopt a ‘take it or leave’ stance and avoid future conflicts, the survey found.

17% of men above 25 say that establishing a timeline with a new match is one boundary they adopt. For example, they have expectations about how long to wait before a first date, how long they’ll wait for a reply, how many reschedules to forgive, etc. 

39% of women above 30 advise that blocking someone can be a necessary boundary if they don’t take no for an answer. If a user has expressed disinterest in someone, it is ok for that user to block the person if they continue to try to be a part of their life.

QuackQuack Founder and CEO Ravi Mittal commented on the survey saying, “We used to see matches discussing likes and dislikes in their initial chatting phase, but now we notice users between 18 to 35 setting boundaries first, mostly in cases where they are scared of heartbreak”.