Instagram Trials Business Profiles Featuring Location And Contact Buttons


Popular photo-sharing app Instagram is in the process of testing three new features, as it prepares the platform for the launch of its new business profiles.

Earlier this year, the company confirmed it was creating a new type of profile designed to help people who want to use the app to promote their business, and is currently trialling the new profile with a small group of users.

The new profile design was first spotted by Later blog, who published the first images of what Instagram’s business profiles will look like.

The new tools on offer include a “Contact” button and a map that can be used to access the locations of other people on the app, allowing anyone using the platform for business to obtain this information easily.

Once rolled out to all users, each profile will feature a “Contact” option, which is placed to the left of the current “Follow” button.

Once pressed, users are greeted with a menu giving the choice to either email the user, or find out the person’s current location.

This new way to contact users through Instagram will not only make it easier for businesses to communicate with their customers, but will also add a greater layer of security – given that users will no longer have to write their contact information in their bio.

Additionally, users will be able to fill out a new category in their Profile Settings that will allow them to state the type of business they run – a feature that will prove useful for others searching for a particular type of service.

The app’s new account features have been likened to those of Facebook’s Brand Page profiles, which allow users to make contact with another person through a direct message function, and let members enter their location and business type for the convenience of their customers.