Leanplum Releases Report About User Retention on Mobile Apps

Leanplum has created a new report on how to increase user retention in mobile apps.

The company analysed hundreds of mobile apps to identify the critical strategies for preserving acquisition dollars.

The report discovered that after the first day of downloading a mobile app, there is a 21% retention rate, after 30 days there is a 7.5% retention rate and after 90 days there is a very small 1.89% retention rate.


Leanplum also discovered that implementing push notifications as part of your mobile marketing strategy can improve app retention by 20%.

Personalising push send times apparently also increases retention rates on mobile apps as much as seven times.

At the bottom of the report, Leanplum offered some solutions in how to increase app retention. One of the solutions was to deliver messages across multiple channels ad increase relevancy by coordinating with in-app content.

Another example of a solution was to test everything, in and out of your app, from mobile messaging to UI content.

Leanplum also suggested to collect a real-time understanding of user activity with insights designed to drive marketing action.

Read the full report here.

Chloe Gay

Chloe is a reporter at Global Dating Insights. Originally from Bracknell, she is studying Communication & Media at Bournemouth University. She enjoys writing, travelling and socialising with her friends and family.

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