Malaysian Government Discusses Potential Compatibility Tests For Young Couples

The Malaysian government is contemplating the possibility of introducing online compatibility tests for young couples who are thinking about getting married.

Based on pre-existing counselling and personality questionnaires, the new campaign is designed to give couples an insight into their compatibility before deciding whether or not to get married.

The tests would also be available for singles to let them know more about their personality traits and what type of people they could couple up with.

More than a quarter of Malaysian weddings end in divorce, with newlyweds aged 30-34 having the highest divorce rate.

Women, Family and Community Development Deputy Minister Hannah Yeoh told reporters: “We are considering whether to make the compatibility quiz online for the young. It is akin to a personality test that young people usually take,”

“It was found that most couples rush into marriage without first knowing themselves or their partners well enough. For women, one third of them cited misunderstanding as reason for divorce followed by unfaithful and irresponsible husbands.”

Pheramor founder Dr. Brittany Barreto has recently launched a separate venture called WeHaveChemistry. The DNA testing kits analyse a couple’s genetics and give them feedback on their chemistry along with advice on how to make their relationship stronger.

Earlier this week, Tinder launched its first major marketing campaign in Southeast Asia as it looks to have a greater impact in the region.

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Dominic Whitlock

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